Division 7 Roofing Solutions, Inc. markets commercial roofing and roofing-related products to architects, distributors, and roofing contractors within the territories of Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Our goal as a manufacturer's representation firm is to provide quality products and services to the market. Our expertise within the industry means we know where, when, and why to use these products and services as intended for the most optimal outcome.

With so much opportunity for growth within our market, our company is poised to work alongside small-to-medium sized contractors of a larger market share as to grow their businesses.

At present, we are able to sell to all distributors within our market free of conflict. We market diligently to architects who utilize several online data services, including the Builder's Exchange of Michigan and the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM). Not only do we produce specific searches, we also track architectural firms and projects which either use or do not use our products. In addition, we target those non-users and work to gain their specification position.

Division 7 Roofing Solutions is comprised of myself, Marty Laslo. I cover the area of Michigan and Northwest Ohio. As a result of my seventeen years of experience within the industry, I have an extensive knowledge of commercial roofing. As a national account manager to a regional sales manager, I have managed people and products. Furthermore, I am able to assist contractors with my knowledge of EPDM, PVC, and BUR roofing.